How to Get Rid of Birds Nesting in Eaves

A bird nest located in your eaves will make your house look unsightly. However, before you try to dispose the nest, there are some things that you need to consider. Most of the birds as well as their nest are protected under the law. You may not be allowed to remove their nest until such time that they have migrated. You are also not permitted to knock on roof especially if you are unsure if there are eggs on the nest.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Remove the Bridgeport Bird Nesting in Eaves
As we mentioned above, most birds are protected under the federal and state law. You will have to familiarize yourself on the existing law before you perform any DIY removal. In case you find the process a bit complex, there are professional agencies that are providing this service. They have the knowledge and expertise to help you deal with your problem while abiding on the rules and regulations. However, if you insist to do it yourself, here are the things you should do.

Cleaning the Eaves
Cleaning your eaves is one of the first things that you need to complete. After you have confirmed that there are no eggs or hatchlings in the nest, you can now wash them using a hose or simply knock them down with a pole. You will have to climb under your eaves to assess the holes. If there are nesting materials left inside, you will have to get rid of them immediately. Use a caulk in order to seal the hole and prevent the same issue form happening in the future. In case the bird is just trying to build their nest, you should get rid of the bird. After you successfully sealed the hole, the bird will eventually give up and choose a different nesting place.

Take Measurement
You will need to measure the complete area of your property that you need to seal. To be sure, we advise you to measure the space between your ground and the roof. By taking the accurate measurement, you would be able to purchase the sufficient amount of netting material to keep your place protected against Bridgeport birds. In case it is necessary, you may add strips of nets on particular place. However, be sure that it will be completely sealed.

Attaching the Nets
Prepare a staple gun that will allow you to connect the nets to your Connecticut property. The net should be able to reach from the end of your roof up to the ground. Check all the gaps and be sure that it is properly closed. The nets will serve as a deterrent that will prevent the birds from roosting in your property. After the end of the bird migration period, you should be able to take the nets down.

If you want a more humane solution, you can provide the birds with an alternative house. Try to consider installing a bird house away from your house. In case you want to feed them, do it far from your property.

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