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We are Bridgeport Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Bridgeport, Ct. Your one stop shop for any wildlife or animal removal problems! We pride ourselves on being able to provide a quick and efficient animal control service! Whatever the type of animal problem that you are having, we can arrange a specialist to visit your home or commercial property within 48 hours, and in many cases on the same day as your call. Our family run company has been serving the people of the city for over a decade, and always make sure to use the latest equipment and techniques to deal with your animal problem quickly. Our animal removal experts have the experience to deal with animal problems wherever you are in the city, from removing raccoons downtown, through to dealing burrowing animals in the gardens of the suburbs . We also have extensive experience in removing snakes, and can deal with all of the snakes that are likely to be seen in the city. Along with providing the services to remove the animals that are causing a nuisance around your property, our team also have the building repair skills to repair most damage caused by animals, to prevent animals from being able to get back into the same area of your property again. Call us now at 203-987-3430 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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Our Service Range

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Bridgeport Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: What Causes Rats in Homes

All homes are at risk of rat infestation. This is due to the fact that these rodents have become complete dependent to human for their survival. If you have a rat infestation, you should never leave it behind. All types of infestation can result to a costly ordeal if not appropriately handled. Aside from that, your family members are highly at risk of contracting zoonotic diseases every minute this pest stays in your house.

Possible Reasons Why You Are Experiencing Rat Infestation
Regardless of how fresh and new your residential property there is always a possibility that you have an unwanted guests hiding in the inconspicuous areas of your house. In this article, we highlighted some of the possible causes of this infestation. Knowing the root cause of your problem will help you determine the best solution for your woes.

Poor Sanitation
This is probably one of the main reasons of any infestation. Apart from the health risks and other issues that may arise from poor sanitation, it can also invite Bridgeport rats since this is a possible source of food for them. It will appear like you are inviting them to enter and stay on your property. The Connecticut rats in the urban settings have become synonymous to unhygienic areas. Remember that this creature is an opportunistic scavenger. It will choose to live in the place where there is an accessible source of food. Be sure to dispose your trashes properly and seal your trash bin with a secured lid.

To Seek Shelter
If the Bridgeport rats invaded your property during the winter season, there is a possibility that they are seeking refuge. Our basement, attic, garage, and other areas of our house keep them safe from the unforgiving colds of winter. It also keeps them safe from the predators lurking outside. In order to avoid this, be sure to clear your house from all the possible nesting materials. Cover all the holes that they can use as a possible entry point. Once they made it inside our house, the devastation that they can cause is truly unimaginable.

Other Reasons
There are various factors in our house that can make our home more vulnerable to rat infestation. Some of these factors are totally within your control. This means that you will have to address them instantly using your preferred preventative measure. The human intervention in the wild such as the noise of construction may lead the rat into your house. The scarcity of their food and water sources as well as the sudden increase of predators can also be possible cause of rat infestation inside the house.

In case the reason behind your rat infestation is beyond your control, there are wildlife removal companies that can help you deal with your issues. They can determine the main reason behind your problem and administer the proper solution. The rats are possible carriers of diseases and they can weaken the structure of our house. If you want to avoid the expensive repairs and medical cost, seek the help of the professionals at once.