Can Raccoons Break through Ceiling

While we rarely hear a situation where a Bridgeport raccoon managed to gain an entry to our ceilings, it is still possible. This is especially true for those who are suffering a raccoon infestation for quite a long time. Their urine can cause a considerable damage to our ceilings that will make it weak and soft. This is definitely not a good situation. Once you hear some thumping sound in your ceiling, it is time to seek the aid of the professionals. They can provide an immediate solution to your problems.

Raccoons in Our Ceilings
If there is a small void or an entry hole in our attic, the raccoon can use this to invade our ceiling. There are also instances when a tiny baby raccoon will be trapped once they fell into the holes. This presents a unique challenge to the homeowners since this place is not easy to access. In the event that it is not a nesting season and there are no dependent babies, we encourage you to use mild harassment to encourage the Bridgeport raccoon to leave your property.

How to Get Rid of the Raccoons in Our Ceilings
In order to successfully eliminate your raccoon infestation problem, you need to determine first the root cause of your issue. Usually, the raccoons will invade our houses to seek comfort. Living in our house means that they have an access to food and water. Furthermore, there are no predators lurking around. When raccoons are building their nest, they prefer the warm areas of our house and the ceiling would be the excellent choice. The heat rises which makes the crawl spaces and ceilings unusually warm. This creature is clever and they are aware that the structure of our ceilings will not only bring them comfort but also the stability that they are looking for.

Humane Harassments
Removing the raccoons in our Connecticut ceiling can be daunting especially if you lack the proper wildlife removal knowledge. Remember that the creature would refuse to leave this place especially if it brings them comfort and security. This is why you need to make it less comfortable for them. Since they are in our ceilings, it may be impossible to introduce light that will startle them. Your first solution is to create loud sounds that may annoy them. Make sure to place your player near the ceiling. Try to play the sound of their predator such as dogs, wolfs, and coyote. Some people also use repellent such as the urine of their predator to scare the animal. However, we cannot vouch for their efficacy.

Most of the raccoons that are invading our property are female raccoons. If you want to get rid of the raccoons, you need to make sure that there are no dependent babies around; otherwise they can die from starvation. This can potentially lead to a more devastating result. In case it is impossible to persuade the creature from leaving your house, it is time for you to seek the assistance of the professional wildlife removal service. Due to the risk and hazards that they pose to human, it is recommended to let the professionals handle this matter.

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