Damage Caused by Squirrels

Squirrels are often blamed for great deal of damages to the exterior and the interior part of our homes. They can widen tiny holes in order to gain an entry to our homes. Once they successfully infiltrated our homes, they can chew the wires, pipes, and insulation of our homes that can result to expensive repairs. The trees on the yard are vulnerable to the damages of the Connecticut squirrels. They can chew and eat the bark of the trees. Based on the reports, the bark stripping of the squirrels has cost the timber industry a total of $18 million annually.

Various Damages Caused by the Bridgeport Squirrels
Squirrels may appear cute but the damages that they can cause should not be undermined. Once you notice that there are some signs of infestation in your house, be sure to call the service of the professionals to prevent significant damages.

Affect Our Sleep
Squirrels prefer the areas of our house with a minimum amount of human activity. This is why they will normally build their nest in our attic. Their noises and activities can prevent the homeowners from catching a good night sleep. Their relentless activity can create scratching sound during the late night that will annoy the hell out of you. Some of the squirrels are nocturnal that will constantly move during the night. These irritating sounds will interfere with you capacity to have a good rest. Once you failed to get a complete rest, your energy and productivity will suffer dramatically.

Lawn Damages
Squirrels are normally blamed for the damages in our lawns. They can dig on our perfectly preserved lawns and bury their nuts. These patches may look unsightly. The twigs and the bark of the trees in our yard can also be damaged by their relentless chewing habit. They love to invade our vegetable garden and feast on our fruits and plants. They also have the habit of destroying the birdfeeders just to get to those birdseeds.

Damages on the Urban Environment
Squirrels have successfully adapted in the urban areas. The trees and the seeds in the urban setting will be minimally exposed to the damages of the Bridgeport squirrels. Nonetheless, they can still cause considerable damages on the electrical wires. They can short-out the transformers, and chew the holes on our fascia, soffit, and sidings. Most of the damages that they can cause will lead to costly repairs. In usual cases you will need to prepare thousands of cash to fix them. Once they are inside our homes, they can also ruin our electrical equipment. Our air conditioning unit and heating system are exposed on the same amount of risks.

To lessen the possible damages that the squirrel may cause, you might want to think about installing deterrents all over your house. Try to seal any holes that are about the size of a quarter using quality construction materials. If you need to deal with a severe squirrel infestation, hire the service of the professionals immediately. They have the equipments and training that will help you address your situation.

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